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Our mascots

Why do cats love quilts? Especially brand new ones! Our two resident KoolKats prove this over and over! Let it be known however, that Nutmeg and Candy are not allowed in the quilt room! Otherwise we know what would happen, don’t we!

KoolKat Quilting

KoolKat Quilting

KoolKat Quilting

Brrrr quilting weather is here!

Looks like the cooler months are going to be very busy here at KoolKat!
The quilts are arriving by mail, and customers are dropping their quilt tops off in person. If you haven’t thought about getting quilting done due to cost, consider our budget pattern range at $3 per square foot instead of the usual $4.55 You could save more than $100 on your next quilt! We quilt FAST so you’ll be under your finished quilt, keeping warm, in no time!


Welcome to our new website and blog

Welcome to

Over the next few months, Kathy will be building this site which will eventually replace our existing one at

Both sites will be fully functional for some time, and we are planning to keep both .com and so you will always be able to find us on the net.

We are hoping to make our site easier to navigate, with more helpful forms, photos and ordering options available to you on the new site.

One change will be that in the future, we will make all sales of retail items through our eBAY store, rather than maintaining both stores. Many of you will be comfortable with ordering through eBay already, and with PayPal  which is great because you don’t have to share your credit card details with on-line suppliers, making it a very secure system.

Your comments and suggestions will be very welcome as we build the new site.

Winter is here!

It’s a cool and blustery rainy day here in Toowoomba today. Naturally the two resident Kool Kats are lounging by the fire as I write this. This weather is a perfect time to get out the sewing, whether it’s hand or machine work, and get some quality craft time happening! Here’s a picture of our fireplace, cats and my coffee table, which is always laden with WIPS (works in progress).
Have a happy day!

Note the washing drying in the clothes basket – so glad I thought to bring it before it rained yesterday!