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Sunday morning coming down at KoolKat

We don’t normally work on Sundays, but it made sense as tomorrow is set aside for machine maintenance and repair.  One never turns down a booking for sewing machine maintenance person.  The first quilt is another large quilt from Christina of Toowoomba and it is being quilted in the budget I Love It trailing hearts e2e machine quilting pattern, as is the quilt from Sandy of Toowoomba further below.  Sandy often requests labels for her quilts and two of these are also featured below.

Christina thrid quilt Sandly quilt label Sandy label 1 Sandy Quilt

Will this quilt fit in the frame?

Christina from Toowoomba king size quilt

At 112 x 110 inches (around 2.75m square), this is the largest quilt we have received at KoolKat Quilting for a while.  Luckily it fits on the frame of the Statler Supreme, which is the largest of the Gammill computerised long arm quilting machines.  This was the second of two large quilts from Christina of Toowoomba and it is being quilted in the frisky feathers e2e machine quilting pattern in a cream thread.  Cream Caribbean backing and king size wool/poly wadding supplied by KoolKat Quilting.  Two pieces of 120 inch long backing were used (2.75 wideback backing) and joined, the join being centred in the quilt.  The quilt is a special one destined for Christina’s bed room.

Toowoomba quilters make large quilts

It must be the season for large quilts here in Toowoomba.  The quilt on the left has been made by Christina for her sister and it is being quilted in the Nouveau Scallops e2e machine quilting pattern in a light green thread.  Light green K1002 Marble Scroll backing and cotton wadding supplied by KoolKat Quilting.  The Kaffe Fassett quilt is being quilted in the budget Debs Swirls e2e machine quilting pattern in a watermelon pink thread.  Batik backing and bamboo wadding supplied by KoolKat Quilting.  Both quilts are around 100 inches square.

Christina 1 Maibry Marshall

Silk features in quilt.

This is a silk bed cover being quilted in the Paisley Playtime e2e machine quilting pattern.  The heavy silk was a coarse weave so we were able to avoid any gathering of the quilt during quilting.  This quilt came from Robyn of Glencoe near Toowoomba

Cora from Toowoomba had this quilt done for a grandchild.
Coral from Pittsworth brought this quilt today.


Japanese prints featured in this quilt from Sandra of Toowoomba.

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Sandy's quilt label

This is Sandy’s quilt from Highfields near Toowoomba.  The quilt top features a rabbit, so KoolKat Quilting was asked to make a label featuring a rabbit as part of the design of this unique embroidered quilt label.  Backing supplied by KoolKat Quilting, and the quilt was quilted using the Clover e2e machine quilting pattern designed by Hermione Agee.