Monthly Archives: January 2016

Great variety in today’s quilts

The first two quilts are from Allyson from Ipswich, the black and white quilt with Eiffel Tower panels is being quilted in the not square e2e machine quilting pattern, and the little sea creatures quilt in the nautilus e2e pattern.  The blue batik quilt is from Jilly at Croydon, NSW and is being quilted with the budget loop-d-loop e2e.  The final quilt is from Judy at Sherwood, Brisbane and is being quilted with the sunflower e2e pattern.


Allyson Scovell1 Allyson Scovell2 Jilly A Judy Batianoff

From south west Queensland to Rosewood near Ipswich – quilts for KoolKat

Narelle from Bollon dropped off three cot quilts this morning.  The lady bug quilt is being quilted with the happy times e2e machine quilting pattern, the flying geese quilt with the centre panel in the Baptist fans e2e and the landscape quilt in the fern gully e2e.  Olive from Rosewood near Ipswich brought us the layer cake quilt which has been quilted with the flower puff e2e.

Narelle M Narelle M1 Narelle M2 Olive Claydon

Quilts for today from across the region

Today’s quilts begin with Anita from Brookstead and this quilt with the white crosses is being quilted with the budget loop-d-loop e2e machine quilting pattern.  The quilt with the cranes is from Marlene of Quilpie with the yin yang e2e.  The next two quilts are from Mavis at Roma.  The blue quilt is being quilted with the ebb and flow e2e and the pink roses quilt with the roseleaves e2e.  The last quilt is from “Blondie” at Bollon and the caterpillar quilt is being quilted with the plush e2e machine quilting pattern.

Anita Perry Marlene Wendelborn1


Mavis Bunt1 Mavis Bunt2  Blondie Wilson1

Glenda is Mickey Mouse with quilting

The first quilt is a reel fabric quilt from Glenda of Toowoomba and it is being quilted with the sticky buns e2e machine quilting pattern.  Glenda’s second quilt today is a Mickey Mouse themed quilt which s being quilted with the budget meander e2e.  The third quilt is from Sue from Worongary and it is being quilted for her sister using the deb’s feathers e2e machine quilting pattern.

Glenda Rickert Mickey Mouse Glenda Rickert Reel Sue Scriven1