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KoolKat receives quilts from western Qld

The yellow and green quilt is from Janell at Quilpie and is being quilted with the Yin Yang e2e machine quilting pattern in an olive green thread.  The black, white and pink quilt from Pat at Mitchell is being quilted with the YoYo e2e in a charcoal thread, and the Japanese fabrics quilt, also from Pat, is being quilted with the plush e2e pattern.


Janell Ja Pat S Pat S1

From east to west, quilts at KoolKat

The first quilts comes from Betty at Prenzlau near Minden and is being quilted with the jasmine e2e machine quilting pattern in a watermelon pink thread.  The black and white quilt is from Carolyn at Charleville and is being quilted with the budget leaf meander e2e in charcoal thread.  The bottom quilt is from Eliza at Highfields and is her first quilt, which is being quilted with the3 hearts and swirls e2e.

Betty Slatter Carolyn Moore Eliza's quilt

KoolKat studio has new entrance


Ndew entry 3 New entry New entry1
New entry
Walk around verandah on eastern side
No entry at th

Hope you all had an enjoyable break and by now you are no doubt back into the swing of things.  We are back quilting once more and by now, you will have received machine quilting voucher is your quilting with us last year was $200 or above.
We have been busy since the Christmas-New Year period as visitors will have noticed.   Our latest change is that the entry that you use when you bring quilts in person has changed.  The open verandah has been closed in with mesh and doors to this area are now closed.
Visitors are directed to go around the corner of the house, walk down the side until arriving at the door under the covered walkway to the quilting studio which faces the outside path.  New signs will show the way.
We will be away for the first three weeks of June, and will let you know the exact dates closer to the time.  In the meantime, look for Kathy at the KoolKat stand at Boonah Quilt Show on 11-2 March.


Local quilt plus more from Roma

Sandy from Roma the yellow and the blue quilts.  The yellow quilt is being quilted with the nouveau scallops e2e machine quilting pattern and the blue quilt with the techno e2e.  Both feature close or intense quilting, which is available at our standard quilting rate with a surcharge.  Toni from Toowoomba dropped off the bottom quilt today which is being quilted with the budget ribbon candy e2e pattern.


Sandy Thrupp Sandy Thrupp1 Toni T

Quilts from Roma and Boonah in Qld

The batik quilt is from Paula at Boonah and is being quilted with the fern gully e2e machine quilting pattern in a charcoal thread.  The large green quilt is from Sue at Roma and is being quilted with the alfresco e2e.  The quilt has been teamed with a green Caribbean backing supplied by KoolKat and Sue has also requested our binding service.


Paula Dewar Sue Barford