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Quotations vs estimates

Quotations vs estimates.

All prices given either by phone or in writing before a quilt is received and measured by KoolKat Quilting are estimates only.  As the pricing is based on the size of the quilt, no firm quote can be given until we measure your quilt.  Please note that unless you have specifically requested a written quote beforehand and request that we wait for your approval, we will  treat your quilt as an order and proceed without further consultation.  All information given by phone is advice only and is not a quotation.  KoolKat does not take responsibility for your understanding of our pricing structure based on telephone conversations only – we will on request, provide a written estimate based on your measurements given to us by phone or email, and this will account for all items in our pricing structure as an estimate only until we have seen your quilt.  All details of our pricing structure are available on this website.

Range of pattern choices on these quilts

The lime and black quilt is for  a boy and the pattern chosen was the geometric not square e2e machine quilting pattern. Leaf meander is one of the KoolKat budget quilting patterns and here it can seen on applique.  Edge to edge quilting will go over applique blocks without affecting the design if the colour of thread is appropriate.  Plush has been used on the dump trucks quilt as it resembles wheels, while happy times has been used on the flannelette cot quilt at the bottom of this post.

Jeanette H1 Louise B PlushHappy Times

Busy day at KoolKat today

The first quilt is from Lyn at Toowoomba and it is being quilted with the budget meandering leaves e2e pattern.  The 3 Japanese quilts come from Narelle at Bollon and are being quilted with the Yo Yo, Flower Puff, and blowing pampass grass patterns.  The final quilt is from Val from Toowoomba and has been quilted with the stars and lops e2e pattern.

\Narelle Jap 3 Narelle Jap1 Narelle Jap2 Lyn Rendle-short

Quilts from Monday

The first quilt is from Gerry at Coburg, Victoria and it is being quilted with the budget meandering leaves e2e machine quilting pattern.  The red and pink quilt is from Glenda from Charleville and the quilt is a gift for her sister.  The quilt is being quilted with the not square e2e pattern. The London quilt is for a little girl and comes from Louise at Withcott. It is being quilted with the budget I love it trailing hearts e2e as are the two applique quilts from Ruth of Toowoomba below.






Show offer taken up by Toowoomba Quilters members

The first two quilts are from Buddy at Crow’s Nest, a member of the Toowoomba Quilters Inc., who took up the KoolKat Quilting offer of binding one side plus hanging sleeve for quilts for the Toowoomba Quilt show in September.  The bright quilt has been quilted with the gossamer e2e pattern and the black and white quilt with the teas rose e2e.  The “love you to the moon”quilt has been quilted with the cute curls e2e and comes from Jennifer at Brookfield, while the sashiko quilt from Jennifer at Toowoomba is being quilted with the budget I Love It trailing hearts e2e in a charcoal thread to match the background of the panels.

Buddy Johnson Buddy Johnson1 Jennifer Down Jennifer Noble