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March Madness offer ends today

Today is the last day of the March Madness quilting off, and this last week has been quite mad with 1 machine down (now fixed) and a flood of quilts to match the cyclone (Debbie).  Thank you everyone, despite one machine down, Ergon kept the power on and we met our service standard of completing quilts in 24-48 hours.  Here are some of this week’s arrivals – 6 from Bronwen of Highfields (her 3rd visit – lost count of how may quilts) and two from Delma.


Our Freepost number is now cancelled as previously advised, but we still provide free return post for quilts Australia-wide.  We encourage customers to use the order form on the home page at and advise that the old site of is no longer being maintained and will soon be taken down.  Similarly please note the current email address of, the old address of is discontinued.









Last days of the March Madness sale – paisley feather, ebb and flow and various budget patterns

We are busy this week as the last of the March Madness quilts arrive.  Vanessa from Cabarlah sent two quilts, the black and white quilt is being quilted with the budget circle meander pattern.  The next  quilt with the nautical theme comes from Marlene of Quilpie and this is being quilted with the ebb and flow e2e pattern.  Debby from Ingham sent two quilts, the pink quilt is being quilted with the budget I love it trailing hearts e2e and the brown quilt with the leaf meander e2e.  Vanessa’s second quilt is being quilted with the leaf meander e2e, while the large grey quilt from Kerry at Coburg in Victoria is being quilted with the paisley feather e2e pattern.






Upholstery covers, ebb and flow, plush, happy times, sticky buns patterns, drunkard’s path quilt.

The first pair of quilts are upholstery covers, the charcoal colour cover is being quilted with the ebb and flow e2e and the white with happy times e2e.  these were brought to us by Raelea of Camp Hill.  The twin set of bed size quilts delivered by Beth from Roma are being quilted with the plush e2e pattern, while the drunkard’s path quilt from Janell at Quilpie sis being quilted with the sticky buns e2e pattern.

Time running out for March quilting offer

We are half way through the March and quilters are making big savings on machine quilting. Get in now for the KoolKat Quilting ½ price machine quilting offer. Send us two quilts in one parcel, and the 2nd (smaller) quilt will be quilted at half the normal machine quilting price. Offer includes budget as well as standard e2e patterns, but excludes set-up costs, other offers such as vouchers and any materials such as backing. No need to book, but we must receive your quilts before Friday week.

Ebb and Flow, Happy Times and Jasmine e2e patterns

Quilts continue to arrive as part of the March Madness machine quilting offer.  The first 2 quilts are from Bronwen of Highfields – the grey quilt is being quilted with the happy times e2e and the floral quilt with the ebb and flow e2e.  The two quilts featured below are from Sandy at Roma, and both are being quilted with the jasmine e2e pattern.