Our terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions
Ordering & Payments

We prefer to receive payment by credit card, money order, paypal or Internet transfer within Australia. We cannot accept personal cheques due to processing costs and clearance times which are incompatible with a 7 day machine quilting service and prompt supply of merchandise. Overseas customers payment by credit card or Paypal only. All products and services must paid for in full before shipment or collection. If paying by bank transfer and using a different bank to that of KoolKat, please allow up to 48 hours for funds to be deposited in our account.

Shipping and Handling

We ship orders by Australia Post only and postage is included for merchandise (except for any items such as wadding/batting sold separately by the metre). Free return post is provided for quilts within Australia only. Our former Reply Paid (free post) service for quilts sent to KoolKat has now ceased (Feb 2017). Where several quilt tops are sent together, they are treated as one order and machine quilted concurrently. They are packaged as a single order and all must be paid for in full before collection or shipment. International customers please contact us for delivery charges to your address for all merchandise and machine quilting.   In the event that you have used our freepost service to send a quilt to us, but decide not to go ahead with quilting, postage plus a handling fee will be charged for the return of your quilt. Freepost can only be used once in sending a quilt to us, if you need to send us additional material for the same quilt, we will charge for postage of that item.

Returns & Credits

In the unlikely event you need to return merchandise (e.g. because of an error in supply of goods or a defect), you must contact us beforehand to obtain approval. (patterns are not returnable.) Please choose carefully as we do not exchange goods with the exception of the above. All items returned must be in original saleable condition. The following terms and conditions apply to returned merchandise:

KoolKat must be notified within 7 days and items returned within 14 days.
We do not credit shipping and handling charges of merchandise either to or from KoolKat.
Machine Quilting

KoolKat has served the needs of quilt customers with our professional machine quilting service and related products for over a decade. The quality of our service is attested by the testimonials on this website. In any case where a customer may feel there is a quality issue with the long arm machine quilting service provided by KoolKat, we would prefer to solve any such issue by prior discussion. Please note that the placement of an order with us for machine quilting implies you have read and understood our Terms and Conditions. Please also note Australian Consumer Law regarding services from the Qld Office of Fair Trading.


In order to assist this process, we have provided some explanation and limitations below.

Long arm machine quilting on any item(s) supplied by a customer, commonly quilt tops, quilt backings, wadding or batting, is a unique service performed for that customer, hence the item and any consumables cannot be returned or exchanged. KoolKat will always provide a high standard of machine quilting, but this can be limited by the quality of the items supplied or prepared by the customer, or from the limitations of the machine quilting process. Our long arm quilting machines use a minimum size 14 needle and it may be possible that needle marks could show on some fabrics. In addition we advise the following:

Please note we do not accept responsibility for any specific requirement such as a “right way up” with quilt tops or backings unless these are marked or brought to our attention at interview.  No discussion will be entered into after you have received your quilt and found you have neglected to notify us of any special requirements beforehand. For example, any specific sides of a quilt top or backing must be labelled; e.g. top or bottom. This should be done where there is a directional pattern in the fabric or design of the pieced item. KoolKat does not accept liability for failure to detect a “top” or “bottom” or a directional fabric unless this has been marked and brought to our attention. We do not accept responsibility for precisely centring a backing under any circumstances – we undertake only to achieve an approximation due to the limitations of the long arm machine quilting process. This also applies to “reversible” quilts. Please do not make your backing the same size as your quilt top – we require at least 4 inches (100mm) extra width on each side of the backing compared to the quilt top to avoid any joins in borders on the backing. In other words, your backing and wadding need to be 8″ longer and 8″ wider than your quilt top.
All raised edges; e.g. applique or added materials; e.g. ric rac, must be firmly stitched down to ensure these are not lifted by the hopping foot of the quilting machine as it travels over your quilt “sandwich”. Extra charges apply if we have to do this for you.
Any joined backing should ensure even tension of the joined pieces so that no part or section of the backing sags unevenly. To achieve a smooth flat top, cut patchwork pieces on the straight grain where ever possible. Take extra care when constructing a point-on-point (blocks placed on the diagonal) quilt as borders will stretch easily. Consider pressing seams open to avoid bulk, making edge to edge quilting more effective.
Trim excess dark threads from front & back of the quilt top or backings. We offer no guarantee to remove all threads that may become trapped under stitching on the front or back of your quilt, particularly if these have originated from threads that have been trimmed from your quilt top prior to sending to us, or as a result or additional basting that we have been required to carry out on the embellishments on your quilt, such as ric rac, borders, and so on.  While we will endeavour to remove any other threads from your quilt, we do not guarantee that we will be able to remove 100% of these.

Pieced borders should have a line of stitching around the edge to prevent the seams opening and distorting the border. Best results are obtained when backings are of similar weave and fabric type to the quilt top. Best results are obtained from quality materials. Use of plain sheeting for quilt backings is not recommended. The use of 100% cotton materials in quilt making is recommended.

Pattern size and shape – e2e patterns for your quilt are based on the computer’s calculation of its length and width.  Depending on the pattern, a certain number of rows and repeats are selected to suit the dimensions of your quilt.  This can mean that the resulting pattern may not resemble exactly the diagram or illustration that may appear in a catalogue or brochure of machine quilting patterns.  This is also the reason that a pattern you have used previously may not be exactly the same shape and size on another quilt.

Please also familiarise yourself with the guidelines and tips below, especially if you are new to quilting and commercial machine quilting.

How to prepare your quilt, backing and wadding.

Tips on getting the best result from machine quilting
Where customers do not specify or supply any item, such as thread colour, pattern, backing or wadding, with a quilt top, KoolKat exercises the right to choose such items at its discretion. While these items will be listed on the invoice supplied (usually on the day when a quilt is received), KoolKat does not seek prior approval from the customer before proceeding, unless specifically requested beforehand (as most quilts are commenced same or next day to meet our 7 day standard). This means that where specific instructions or items are not supplied with a quilt top, and where KoolKat has not been specifically requested to supply this information beforehand and seek approval before commencing quilting, KoolKat’s choices are considered final.

Please include all special requests, in writing, with your quilt top when it is delivered, as email instructions may not be able to be matched with actual orders when they arrive.  We cannot accept responsibility for instructions given via phone that are not subsequently placed in writing by the customer.  As we often receive quilts without instructions and therefore don’t necessary expect to find them, please pin yours to your quilt top. Order forms or other written instructions may not be found when we open your parcel unless they are pinned to the quilt top.

Quotations vs estimates.

All prices given either by phone or in writing before a quilt is received and measured by KoolKat Quilting are estimates only.  As the pricing is based on the size of the quilt, no firm quote can be given until we measure your quilt.  Please note that unless you have specifically requested a written quote beforehand and request that we wait for your approval, we will  treat your quilt as an order and proceed without further consultation.  All information given by phone is advice only and is not a quotation.  KoolKat does not take responsibility for your understanding of our pricing structure based on telephone conversations only – we will provide a written estimate based on your measurements given to us by phone or email, and this will account for all items in our pricing structure as an estimate only until we have seen your quilt.  In the event that you have used our freepost service to send a quilt to us, but decide not to go ahead with quilting, postage plus a handling fee will be charged for the return of your quilt. Freepost can only be used once in sending a quilt to us, if you need to send us additional material for the same quilt, we will charge for postage of that item.

All details of our pricing structure are available on this website.





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