Inter-State quilts arrive at KoolKat

The first 3 quilts are from Merridy of Casterton, Victoria, who has taken up the KoolKat 3 for 2 machine quilting offer.  The smallest of the 3 quilts is quilted at no charge, excluding set-up and any materials such as wadding or backing.  the other two 2 quilts are quilted at the standard e2e pattern rate.  The orange and blue quilt is being quilted with Kathy’s Funky Panto e2e, the Aboriginal quilt with ribbon Candy e2e and the green quilt with the meander e2e.  The flannel red quilt comes Helen at Bilgola Plateau NSW and is being quilted with the daisy chain e2e.

Merridy Rowe C1 Merridy Rowe c2 Merridy Rowe C3 Helen Dalgleish