365 day quilt, hexagon quilt, Baptist fan, plush and loop-d-loop patterns

365 day quilt 1 365 day quilt 365 size Hexagon quilt 1 Hexagon quilt Loop-d-loop

The first 3 images are of a 365 day quilt – this is a quilt challenge where one block per day is made over a year.  Glenys from Chinchilla was one of her local quilters group that took up the challenge, and the tiny size of some of the pieces is illustrated by comparison with a 5c piece.  It is being quilted with the traditional Baptist fan e2e pattern.  Glenys also brought a second quilt as part of the March Madness machine quilting offer and this hexagon quilt is being quilted with the plush e2e.  Again, note the size of some of the pieces.  Lastly we have a lap quilt from Raelene at St George which is being quilted with the budget loop-d-loop e2e pattern.