Something we have not seen for a long time

Candice felft show ribbon quilt Candice red oriental quilt

Here’s something we have not seen for a long time – felt show ribbons.  Candice from Rose Petal Collections, Chinchilla brought us these two quilts today.  The show ribbon quilt is being quilted in an open budget meander e2e machine quilting pattern.  During the ’90s Kathy and Geoff used to make show ribbons for a living, but ours were done using satin acetate ribbon, not felt.  The red oriental quilt is being quilted with the paisley playtime e2e machine quilting pattern in a dark red thread. Red K6280 scroll backing supplied by KoolKat Quilting.


  1. I was going through my emails and found that google sent me a list of places where Rose Petal Collections was mentioned, and this came up. Thank you so much for adding this to your site. Your work on these quilts was a amazing and I am just so pleased with the finished work. I will email you now photos of the finished products. Thanks again xxx Candice

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