Machine Quilting Services

Machine Quilting is our thing!  Let us help you get those quilt tops out of the cupboard, FINISHED and onto beds, walls, tables and chairs! It doesn’t matter where you live in Australia, you can post your quilt and we will quickly and efficiently QUILT YOUR QUILT and we post back to you within 7 days and again, RETURN POSTAGE IS FREE! We do ask you to include all details (name, address, quilting preferences, backing and wadding requirements, email contact and phone number) with each quilt you send.  Because we work FAST, we want to start your quilt right away, so in the absence of instructions, we will choose what we consider will work best with  your quilt. Our many regular customers know this, and many are very happy for us to choose for them each time. Quilt order form. Print out this page, fill in the details and send with your quilt. Pricing guide.  Please note that due to rising costs, batting or wadding is now $24/m and backings $36/m from 8 April 2015.


  1. Thank you Estelle from St George for your suggestion in April 2015 that we add quilt label order details to our quilt order form.

  2. Hi, interested in the service you offer. But unable to find any pictures of the quilting designs that you do on quilts? Have I missed this?
    Regards Prue Georgeson

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